NEW DELHI: A six-storey puzzle parking that can accommodate 86 vehicles was made operational at Nizamuddin on Tuesday. The fully automated facility has been built by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) at a cost of Rs 15.8 crore. The average retrieval time for each car will be 150 seconds, said officials.
“There will be no manual interference after placing a vehicle on a pallet on the ground floor. The facade of the building will be used to generate revenues through advertising and MCD plans to commission more puzzle and tower parking facilities,” said an official.
The parking lot, constructed over 1,338sq m, comprises two 14.5-metre-high modules, each having the space to park 43 vehicles at a time. On the first and second levels, 28 SUVs can be parked, while 58 sedan cars can be accommodated at levels 3 to 6.
The parking lot will help hundreds of people visiting a neighbouring religious place on a daily basis. “Such parking facilities will not only benefit locals but also address requirements of tourists visiting religious and tourist sites in and around Nizamuddin,” said lieutenant governor VK Saxena after inaugurating the facility. He, however, rued, “Despite dedicating many multilevel parking lots to the people of the city, they still park on roads, leading to jams and accidents.”
MCD commissioner Gyanesh Bharti said the facility would benefit people visiting Sunder nursery and Nizamuddin Dargah, and 12 more similar facilities were being planned to accommodate around 8,000 vehicles. A few of them, including the one at Chandni Chowk with an estimated car parking space (ECS) of 2,338, will become operational by April end. Two more at Nigam Bodh Ghat (95 ECS) and Fatehpuri (196 ECS) will be ready by March end.
At the Nizamuddin parking, an underground water tank of 1.5-lakh-litre capacity with a pump room has been built for firefighting. “MCD has received permissions/no-objection certificates from Delhi Fire Services and Delhi Urban Art commission,” said an official.

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