Remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986? A full-length documentary feature will soon be unveiled at the ongoing 2023 Berlin Film Festival, which started on February 16 and will be on till February 26. The focus of the festival this year is Ukraine and Iran. It is considered the most political of all film festivals in the world.
The documentary will tell the story of how staff at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine prevented another terrible disaster when Russians troops invaded Ukraine a year ago at this time.
Chornobyl 2022 (Ukrainian spelling) is being made by Ukrainian director Vitalii Dokalenko together with Latvian producer Andrejs Ekis. The idea of the long documentary struck the two collaborators when they read a newspaper article of a supervisor who reported for his shift on February 23 at night and found at dawn that Russians were heading towards the power plant. The staff stayed put at the plant and this action saved the world a major disaster, perhaps far worse than the one in 1986.
The film is based on interviews with the staff and has actual footage of what happened. The footage was captured by the plant’s surveillance cameras. Three tourists who were trapped along with the staff inside the plant are also part of the film.
The 2023 Berlin Film Fest will be taking place a year after the invasion and will feature several other Ukrainian films. President Zelensky of Ukraine is also expected to attend.

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