Fragrances are integral to home décor. Having the right home aroma not only makes a space smell great but also helps it look chic. Increasingly the demand for numerous aroma products such as candles, smart diffusers, sachets, potpourris, reed diffusers, etc. is growing in India. As per the research by a luxury home-fragrance brand, the present size of the home aroma market in India is close to $200 million and is expected to reach $500 million by 2027. The two, three-tier cities too are hopping on the trend wagon. People now understand the significance of using home fragrance products to keep their surroundings fresh, clean, and alluring. Home fragrances are now readily available across various retail formats such as décor shops, hypermarkets, supermarkets, lifestyle & fashion stores, high streets, merchandize stores, duty-free, etc. Meanwhile, the growth in the home décor, fragrance & accessory segment has also been enabled by the surge in digital consumerism in India. Here are few points by Ridhima Kansal, director of a luxury fragrance brand to help you choose the right fragrance for your home
Scented Candles
Scented candles are one of the most versatile home fragrance products that can be used in home spaces, hotel, spa, restaurants, and much more. They create a spontaneous and constant aroma, giving a fragrant makeover to the surrounding. It can be put across coffee tables, study tables, windowsills, book shelf, etc. If the purpose is to use the right aroma to reduce fatigue and charge the mind & body, lemony and tarty fragrances are suggested as they are uplifting and cast a very rejuvenating and outdoorsy spell. If the idea is to render a sensual makeover to the surroundings, then one can try musky and woody aromas.
Scented candles are also the perfect recipe for creating the magic of the old world candle lights dinners. If you want to pique the interest of your guests during dinner or create a sublime charm during a luncheon on an overcast day, use mild floral aroma candles such as rose, jasmine, lily, etc. on the dining table.
Reed Diffusers
It is another versatile product, which can add a fragrant extension to your tidy space. The product is perfect for houses with kids and pets as it does not require flame and gives a constant aroma. It can also be used in hotels, office spaces, foyer areas, cubicles, shops, counters, and numerous other places. For a space of 150- 200 square feet, around 10 reed sticks are perfect. One can add more sticks and even use a Reed Diffuser in open spaces, deck areas, and other larger spaces. It is advisable to keep flipping the reed sticks once in every 3 days as this can greatly enhance the strength of aroma.

Smart Diffusers
Just like Reed diffusers, they create a spontaneous aroma in various set-ups such as home, office, commercial location, etc. However, it requires electricity. It is flameless and is safe in families with pets and kids. There are plenty of beautifully designed smart diffusers available in the market that can also add to the overall décor.

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