The rise of social media platforms has resulted in an explosion of food experimentation videos online. Be it cooking tutorials, recipes or food challenges, there is no dearth of creativity on the internet. Many people enjoy watching these videos because they can learn new recipes, get ideas for their own cooking, or simply be entertained by the creativity and ingenuity of the people making the videos. Recently, a video that has gone viral on the internet shows pasta being served in a wine glass at a restaurant. Yes, you heard us. This bizarre form of food presentation has left the internet confused.

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The viral video was shared on Twitter by @proyearner. In the clip, we can see a waiter serving pasta to a customer in a wine glass. The glass is kept upside down on the plate while the pasta is inside the glass. We can also spot some grated cheese kept on the base of the glass. The server then gently lifts the glass, twists it, and allows the pasta to fall evenly over the plate. Finally, he tilts the glass and throws the grated cheese on top of the pasta. “This was so unnecessary I’m crying,” read the caption of the post. Check out the video here:

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Since being shared, the post has amassed over 1.4M million views, 40.4K likes and tons of reactions. Many people pointed out that the eatery tried too hard to be fancy but failed miserably. While others emphasised that there was no need for this odd presentation. Check out some of the reactions below:

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