“Sone pe suhaga it was when my best friend Shatrughan Sinha and my discovery Mishika Chourasia walked in to grace the big occasion of my single-screen Nishat getting a facelift. A lot of distributors and exhibitors attended. I am very happy,” says Pahlaj Nihalani, talking exclusively to ETimes, a little while ago.
Venus owner Ganesh Jain, Gordhan Tanwani, Pravin Nanji Shah, Kaleem Khan, Amod Mehra, Nandu – Ashok Ahuja were also seen at the gathering, amongst many others from the film business and trade circle. Shatrughan Sinha was accompanied by his wife Poonam.

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Shri Amitabh Gupta, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order), DIlip Dhanwani, Pankaj Jaysinh – Madhani (UFO), Rajesh Malhotra (Yash Raj) and Ultra Video owner Sushil Agarwal were also seen. Pahlaj Nihalani’s wife Nita and two brothers Phatu and Mukesh also intermingled with the guests.

Explaining the need of why he chose to renovate Nishat when he had already done it about 3 years ago, Nihalani said that the two years of COVID plus the rains (hence it could not be attended then) had done a certain amount of damage which needed quick restructuring. “Look, if I want the people to come to my theatre, I’d rather do it up well so that they come and see a film in it. I need to give them value for the money they spend.”

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