As the ‘Race to Finale’ in MasterChef India begins, the Top 9 home cooks prepare to face new challenges. The judges, Chefs Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora will be pushing the Top 9 home cooks to yet another series of tasks which will further the home cooks towards their dream of becoming ‘MasterChef’.
On Thursday, in the ‘Pairing with Chefs’ challenge, home cooks will cooperate with sous chefs to celebrate Holi in a new way! Home cook Shanta’s satvik cuisine left the MasterChef Judge Ranveer Brar in tears when he tasted the dishes prepared. He couldn’t hold back his emotions when he ate Chandrakala.

Talking about his experience exclusively with ETimes TV Ranveer said, “At home, Pallavi believes in Krishna ji a lot. They decided to eat satvik banayenge and by eating this Chandrakala voh journey complete hogaya.”
MasterChef Vikas Khanna reminisces about his Vrindavan & Haridwara’s journey with grandparents and says, “Waha chalke aaya jaha Krishna bhagwan chalte the, I felt like I was back in those cities enjoying those plates filled with prasad.”

Today on Friday, judge Chef Garima Arora takes on the ‘Pressure Test’ challenge, asking home chefs to recreate her dish ‘Millets Masti’. Talking about the challenge Garima shares what twist she will be bringing. She said, “This week, as the home cooks prepare for the “Race to Finale,” the challenges will become more difficult. All challenges are designed to put the home cooks’ skills to the test, and their acumen.”

She added, “In the week, I will be one of the challenges presented to the home chefs, and I will ask them to replicate a dish of mine. These challenges, once again, hone the skills of the home cooks in their journey to be ‘MasterChef’. We want the best of the best, and the challenges allow them to do just that.”

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