English singer-songwriter, Sam Smith, is popular for his unique and soulful voice. He has also collaborated with several artists and has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations for his work. Smith, who identifies as non-binary, often makes headlines for his over-the-top and edgy fashion statements. Recently, the Grammy-winning pop star has made news again as he grabbed many eyeballs for wearing an inflatable full-body latex suit at the 2023 Brit Awards on Saturday. His unique outfit has sparked a meme fest online. 

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Taking to Twitter, a woman shared a hilarious meme about Sam Smith’s outfit. In the photo, we can see a photo collage that jokingly compares Smith’s outfit to the shape of a full roasted chicken. “Sam Smith turning up to the brits like a burnt chicken,” read the caption of the post. Check out the full post here:

Sam Smith arrived at the annual music event in a couture ensemble by Hari Krishnan (or Harri), an Indian-born designer based in London. Smith’s unconventional ensemble sparked divided opinions on social media. Many people found his outfit entertaining and subversive, while others found it simply bizarre. Some internet users also drew a parallel between the outfit and David Bowie’s look from 1973. Find some hilarious memes and jokes below:

“Sam Smith has finally made Billy Connolly’s Incontinence Pants sketch a reality. I’ve waited 38 years for this to happen.”

“Sam Smith is dressed for the funeral of the Chinese spy balloon. #SamSmith #BRITs.”

“Ha ha look at Sam Smith, can’t believe the silly clothes, what’s the world coming to – this generation, eh?”

“Sam Smith, the issue is that if you want to wear these “artistic” outfits, you need to have an air of “otherness” about you. We’ve had some real talents in the past. You haven’t got an avant-garde bone in your body. You just look like a fat builder having a nervous breakdown.”

What do you think of Sam Smith’s outfit? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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