Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his blunt yet amusing way of reviewing (read: criticising) dishes. He routinely shares interesting recipes on social media and his videos never fail to entertain us. Recently, the chef was pranked by comedian-host James Corden in his show. Cordon tricked Ramsay into opening a restaurant together named “Corden Ramsay”. The hilarious prank was documented in a video that was later shared by James Corden on Instagram. In the clip, James Corden welcomes Gordon Ramsay at a vacant restaurant saying that it’s their new venture. “We are gonna open our own five-star restaurant,” Corden says before getting inside the restaurant.
As they go inside, James Corden begins to share what he wants the restaurant to look like, which includes a TV screen displaying the preparation of dishes. Corden also shows two plates with his and Gordon Ramsay’s face printed on them. The two then head to the kitchen to assess it where Corden brings a random book and presents it as the restaurant’s recipe book.
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James Corden then introduces his late-night talk show’s staff to Gordon Ramsay and gives them the duty of chefs. Gordon soon gets to work and starts preparing the food with the new “chefs”. At one point, Corden teaches the staff how to pour water from the bottle but ends up spilling it all over Gordon’s table. “It has to be a high pour,” he stresses.
In the next lesson, the staff is taught the right way to hold plates and serve orders. As James Corden hands a plate to one of the staff, the server drops and breaks it, not just once but multiple times. Further, the restaurant is seen all revamped with white tablecloths, flowers, and a queue of customers waiting outside.
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The customers are then welcomed inside the restaurant before the waiters start taking orders. One of the diners asks for a vegan dish. Suddenly, Gordon Ramsay whispers into the server’s ear asking her to push for the burger. As the customer checks if the burger was vegan, the server says that the bun is plant-based at least.
The fun doesn’t end here as James Corden attends to the customers in the most hilarious way. At one point he carries a plate loaded with food on his head from the kitchen all the way to the customer’s table. Towards the end of the clip, the two sit down to see how much money they made on the first day after which James Corden hilariously makes his exit handing over the restaurant to Ramsay Gordon.

Watch the complete video below:

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