Popular daily show Guppendantha Manasu manages to engage fans with the conflict between Rishi and Vasudhara. Things were definitely not going in favour of Vasudhara at the time.
In the upcoming episodes, Vasudhara’s plan to reveal the truth to Rishi will backfire. Much to her dismay. Rishi will not get what she intended. On top of it, Rishi will walk away in frustration. This will leave everyone including Jagathi and Mahendra disappointed. They want Vasudhara to open up to Rishi instead of beating around the bush.

For the unversed, Vasudhara always wanted Rishi to know the truth that she is not married to Rajeev and she just had to wear the mangalsutra and lie to him (Rishi) back then. She refuses to reveal it herself and wants Rishi to figure it out. She plans to leave enough hints for Rishi to grasp the truth. However, Rishi has been breaking his head over this issue for a while. He is unsure if Vasudhara is really married or just pretending to be.
Meanwhile, ‘Mirchi’ Madhavi, who has played the role of the antagonist ‘Devayani’ in the show, has apparently quit the show. The reasons behind her exit are yet to be known. Devayani’s rivalry with Jagathi (Jyothi Rai) and Vasudhara (Raksha) in the show has been a treat for the fans of the show. Pictures and videos from Madhavi’s farewell party are also doing the rounds on social media.

Gupedantha Manasu is currently the most watched Telugu daily soap, as per the latest TRP report. The show has topped the TRP chart after the conclusion of Karthika Deepam.

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