Pasta sauce is a key component in one of the world’s most beloved and widely consumed dishes – pasta. It is a staple food in many cultures, and there are countless variations of pasta and pasta sauce recipes. Pasta sauces can be different due to a variety of factors, such as the ingredients used, the cooking methods, the regional and cultural influences, and the personal preferences of the cook. Some common types of pasta sauces include tomato-based sauces, cream-based sauces, pesto, and meat-based sauces. Recently, a unique recipe video of an onion-milk pasta sauce has gone viral on the internet and it has left desi foodies disappointed! 

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user ‘@recipe.hai’, we can see a woman covering a piece of onion with bay leaves and cloves. She then adds this onion piece to a container filled with 500 ml of milk. Once it comes to a boil, the onion is removed from the container and the milk is kept aside. Next, she adds oil, butter, veggies and maida to a pan. She now adds the milk mixture to this to make a proper base for the white sauce pasta. Finally, she adds the boiled farfalle pasta and gives it a nice mix. Check out the full video here:

Since being uploaded, the video has garnered over 8.2M million views, 306K likes and hundreds of comments. Desi foodies were not impressed with this unique recipe video of white sauce pasta. Some people pointed out that the combination of onion with milk can cause several health problems, while others said that this was the right way to make the sauce. Check out some of the reactions below:

“Yikes, I would never do that.”

“Onion and milk are opposite foods and can cause skin problems.”

“Idk my OCD + Indian vibes says never add onion to milk. I could eat white sauce pasta but could never or would make this recipe by myself. Duh!!”

“The clove-studded, bay leaf-wrapped onion is called a CLOUTÉ and is a classical style of flavouring the milk used in making the BÉCHAMEL SAUCE (also known as a white sauce by most).”

“It’s the traditional way to make the sauce. Millions or billions of people in the world make the sauce the same way. This is the correct way to make the bechamel sauce.”

“Mujhe laga kala jadu sikhayegi (I thought she’ll teach black magic).”

What do you think of this unique pasta sauce recipe? Would you try it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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