Sabudana khichdi is a delight to eat. It makes short appearances in our meals during the fasting season.  Soft tapioca pearls, cooked with potato, peanuts, cumin and ghee, sabudana khichdi spells indulgence. Moreover, the earthy flavours and aroma of the dish make us fall for it time and again. But, cooking a perfect bowl of sabudana khichdi can be quite a challenge. In fact, overcooking can make it mushy or sticky. This further ruins the texture and taste of the whole dish. Much relatable? If you face the same issue, then this article is just for you. We have curated some quick tips to make sure your sabudana khichdi turns out perfectly. Sounds perfect, right? So, without further ado, let’s take you through these easy and effective cooking hacks for sabudana khichdi. 

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Here Are 7 Smart Ways To Make Sure That Sabudana Khichdi Is Not Sticky: 

1. Soak the sabudana properly

Soaking sabudana correctly is the key to getting the perfect texture. Rinse the sabudana a few times in water and then soak it for four to five hours. Then, drain the excess water and let the tapioca pearls sit in a strainer for 15-20 minutes to remove any excess moisture. 

2. Choose the right variety of sabudana

There are typically two types of sabudana available in the market – one has smaller pearls and the other has big pearls. Bigger sabudana pearls take longer to cook and are less likely to become sticky. So, it is always advised to choose the big sabudana to avoid the dish from turning sticky. 

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3. Use ghee while cooking


Adding ghee to the pan while cooking sabudana can help prevent it from sticking together. Ghee has a higher smoke point and doesn’t burn easily, which helps in even cooking. 

4. Cook on low heat

Sabudana khichdi should be cooked on low heat to prevent it from sticking and becoming mushy. Cooking on low heat ensures that the tapioca pearls are cooked evenly, maintaining their shape. 

5. Use a non-stick pan

Using a non-stick pan can help prevent the sabudana from sticking to the bottom, further preventing it from burning. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, make sure you keep stirring the khichdi to prevent it from sticking. 

6. Don’t overcook the khichdi

Overcooking the sabudana can also make it sticky. Cook it just until the pearls are translucent, and you can see the small white dot in the centre. Overcooking the sabudana will turn the dish sticky and mushy. 

7. Add potato and roasted peanuts

Adding a small amount of potato while cooking sabudana can prevent it from becoming sticky. Potato starch absorbs excess moisture and helps keep the pearls fluffy and intact. On the other hand, the oil from the roasted peanuts coats the sabudana pearls and prevents them from sticking to each other. 

Now that you have these amazing tips handy, we suggest following them and making yourself a delicious bowl of sabudana khichdi this festive season. Click here for the classic recipe of sabudana khichdi. 

Happy Mahashivratri 2023, everyone!  

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