The world celebrated Valentine’s Day just recently. Couples went out on date with their partners and exchanged presents. Right from markets, flower shops, and bakeries, to cafes and restaurants, the arrangements everywhere screamed love from a distance. However, Valentine’s Day is not only meant for lovers. It’s simply about love and that pure emotion can be felt with anyone you are close to. Right? A father who took his daughter on an elaborate “date” is winning hearts online. A video featuring this amazing father and daughter “date” is going viral on social media, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

In the clip, you can see a man asking his cute little daughter, “Will you be my Valentine?” holding a placard. Not just this, the duo, thereafter, spends the whole day indulging in yummilicious food and other fun activities like bowling. For dessert? He takes her to an ice cream parlour to devour some delectable sweet treats. They also go shopping and basically, he spends quality time with the little girl. The video shows the text, “My daughter’s first date.”

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Take a look:  

The video has received 124.2K views and more than 1K likes up till now. Many people have shared their reactions and feelings after looking at the post.

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A user stated, “If my future husband doesn’t do this I don’t want him.”

Giving a thumbs up to the father’s gesture, many users added comments like “Awesome” and “Love this”

Someone wrote, “Can’t wait to be a dad”

A comment read, “Nothing is better than a daddy & daughter relationship”

Another comment read, “Men (me included) should aspire to be fathers like this.”

“What an awesome dad, an adorable little girl. This brings back so many memories of hanging out with my daughter. Thank you for sharing,” another user mentioned.

A user also wrote, “Both my parents have shown me love every single Valentine’s Day. I’m 24 now. Blessed.”

Someone stated, “Set the bar HIGH Dads!”

When did you go out on a date with your father?

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