Indian cuisine is definitely close to our hearts, but nowadays a number of people abroad are waking up to the wonders of it. In Google’s Year In Search list for 2022, the recipe ‘Paneer Pasanda’ was one of the topmost trending ones not just in India but all over the world. We surely feel a tinge of pride whenever someone from outside India praises our cuisine and tries out its various dishes. And recently, a number of Hollywood celebrities have confessed that they truly admire Indian food too. From actor Paul Rudd to singer Madonna, Indian cuisine has raked up a number of high-profile fans across the world.

Here Are 7 Hollywood Celebrities Who Admit Their Love For Indian Food:

1. Paul Rudd

In a recent interview, Paul Rudd admitted that not just he, but his entire family loves Indian cuisine. He said that he lives in New York where there are some excellent restaurants for Indian food. He has been spotted several times in London as well, enjoying a good Lucknowi biryani. “There is something about a good biryani…. Ahh and naan. For instance, my daughter, who doesn’t eat anything, would say I want Indian food. My whole family loves it,” he said.

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Paul Rudd is all hearts for the yummy Biryani. Photo: Twitter and iStock

2. Julia Roberts

During the shoot of her film ‘Eat Pray Love’, actress Julia Roberts confessed that she had a soft corner for all things Indian. “It’s amazing how much Indian food you can eat in five weeks. I’m pretty picky and I really like Indian food. Just every once in a while, you run into something that is so amazingly spicy that you’re just sweating all through dinner,” Roberts told People magazine in 2010.

3. Brad Pitt

Believe it or not, Indian is the cuisine of choice for ‘Fight Club’ star Brad Pitt too! While he was in New Zealand for a solitary break in 2010, he dropped into a local eatery to enjoy chicken korma, butter chicken and garlic naan. How delicious, right?

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known to have quite a love of spicy food, and we have seen proof of this several times. He visited Asha Bhosle’s award-winning restaurant in Birmingham, London and ordered chicken tikka masala. In fact, reports suggest he loved it so much that he even ordered a second helping! Click here to read more about this story.

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5. Madonna

The iconic and legendary singer is said to be a huge fan of South Indian food. As per Madonna, the humble Idli could actually be a healthy way to reduce carb cravings and satiate them in a healthy manner. She is also reported to be a fan of the aroma of coriander leaves in Indian cooking.

6. Johnny Depp

Best known for his role in ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, the actor is also extremely fond of Indian cuisine. In 2022 June, he was spotted at a popular Indian restaurant named ‘Varanasi’ in Birmingham, UK. He ordered some amazing dishes like chicken tikka masala, prawn samosas and dal makhani and the bill rumouredly totalled up to a whopping $62,000 (approximately Rs. 52 lakhs).

7. Lady Gaga

Actor and singer Lady Gaga has mesmerised us with her performances, but you would be surprised to know how much she loves Indian food as well. Reports suggest that the diva has a soft corner for spicy Indian curries and she binges on them unstoppably. She also ate curry thrice a day for around a month after she stopped dieting.

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